Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Lemang Tapai

A few week ago I found these at Asian grocery, my mind suddenly jumped to a tasty Minangnese culinary. It's called Lemang Tapai or Minangnese call it Lamang Tapai.
Usually Lemang made in a hollowed bamboo stick, lined with banana leaves in order to avoid the glutinous rice stick to the bamboo.
I know it's hard for me to make it like the original way, so when I found an instant bag of lemang and a bag of dry yeast for make tape/ tapai, I jumped to sky, and yes I'll make Lemang Tapai.

For Lemang I cooked as directed on the bag. And for Tape Ketan Hitam (Fermented Black Glutinous Rice) I made from scratch.

Tape Ketan Hitam


500 gr Black Glutinous Rice
10 gr yeast (ragi tape)

400 ml water
150 gr sugar (you can add if you want)


Soak glutinous rice for a night, then put in rice cooker and cook it like you would cook rice, but put less water to avoid it getting mushy.
Take out the glutinous rice and put it on big tray, and let it cool.
Crush dry yeast, and then sieve it on the top of the glutinous rice equally.
Fold glutinous to make dry yeast mix well, then put in a clean air-tight container. And let them ferment for two nights.

After two nights, make a simple sugar syrup. Put water on bowl, bring it to boil, put sugar, and stir until it dissolves. Pour simple syrup on the fermented black glutinous rice or as we call it Ketan. Order some pieces of lemang and top with Ketan, serve it.

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